Hello Art.

My art has been sputtering along fitfully for the last few months as my time and studio space have been swallowed by the banality of life under a contractor’s construction regime.  It is noisy and confusing and cramped.  Perfect for writing angry urban poetry (which I refuse to do) but a disastrous environment for a process-oriented oil-painter with a fine-tuned instrument of a studio now become half living room and half animal habitat.

Yet I have persevered from time to time in making art, finishing a layer of color on one of my current crop called “manifold paintings,” and completing the initial drawing for my aerial view of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.  This will be the next in a series of paintings of structures in the park associated with the famous bridge. Today I hope to ignore the insistent hammering enough to wet my brushes again and feel like an artist for an hour.

Next time you hear from me here I shall hopefully have something to say.  For now Hello and Goodbye.

I am Wolf of Wolfwerk in High Voltage Sunset, an aspirational gallery for hard-working art.

wolf wordform
Wolf of Wolfwerk.com

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